Rob W

PB Dance Instructor

Teaches: Popping


Dance Style/s


Dance age 

Since 2009

Top 3 Dance Career Achievements?

  • Graduating Academy at Project Beats in 2019
  • First place One More Round 6 Rookie Battle 2018
  • Each time I watch my class perform on stage 

Dance Philosophy?

Forever a student and always, always have fun


Favourite part of teaching?

Watching and helping students grow in confidence and skill, continue to better their movements and technique, find their groove and flow, and, above all else, enjoy themselves in their dance


  • D&D or board games with friends
  • Video games
  • TV shows and movies


The PB family, Popin Pete, Mr Wiggles, Robert Shields, as well as good music, theater, shows and movies and sometimes even just interesting moments 

Where can we find you on Social Media?

IG: @robert_watson97

FB: Robert Watson

70Combined years of experience
28Competitions won

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    • 169 City walk, Canberra ACT
    • (02) 6101 0975
    • Culture
    • Hardwork
    • Discipline
    • Fun
    • Personal Growth
    • Creativity
    • Foundation
    • Passion